Since the birth of their son and subsequent diagnosis of autism and ADHD, Wanda Hawran and Rob Branston have become dedicated to finding out and understanding Autism to the best of their ability.

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Behaviour Monitor [BETA]

Introducing the Behaviour Monitor. A free online app that allows you to:

The behaviour monitor is currently in the beta phase. We're looking for people to test it and feedback on using it.

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Autistic Savant – Leslie Lemke

Leslie Lemke was born with severe birth defects that required doctors to remove his eyes. His mother gave him up for adoption, he was adopted by May Lemke who adopted him when he was six months old. As a young child, Leslie had to be force-fed to teach him how to swallow. He could not […]

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Autistic Savants – Stephen Wiltshire

Autistic Savant – Stephen Wiltshire As a young child, Stephen Wiltshire was a mute – he was diagnosed as autistic and was sent to a school for special needs children. There, he discovered a passion for drawing – first of animals, then London buses, then buildings and the city’s landmarks. Throughout his childhood, Stephen communicated […]

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