Holidays and Respite Carers

Posted by Rob on 7th February 2014

Holidays and Respite Carers, it’s that time of year when we’re looking at the holiday options that are available to us. again. We don’t fancy going on a plane because the packed plane and busy airports make it very difficult for our son. We also tend to travel quite heavy which pretty much rules out the train. So for the last few years we tend to drive to most of our holidays. This has been complicated over the last 2 years as our son has taken to trying to escape. This means that camping is now definitely out, we have done large caravans and chalets, but these tend to not be secure.

Last year we hired a house after first checking that all windows and doors could be locked. The house was very nice but had a lot of ornaments. We quickly stowed as many of these away as possible. The house was decorated largely in light neutral colours with a cream sofa and matching walls all very pleasant but having our son with us made us slightly anxious as he can quickly make things messy.

One thing we hadn’t noticed was the Carex hand wash in the bathroom. Within the first few minutes of arriving this was found by our little champ and in no time the blue liquid was all over one of the beds and a wall. Bedding washed easily enough, but the blue just wouldn’t come out of the cream wall paint. Tried as we may it just wouldn’t budge, so we ended up having to pay a small excess.

We have also had a few trips to Centre Parcs, which is great but the accommodation isn’t secure. The patio doors don’t have a key just a latch that once opened enables the doors to open.

These are the reasons we are looking to build a special centre. Let us know your thoughts and experiences and we can post them up here.