Autistic Savant – Leslie Lemke

Leslie Lemke was born with severe birth defects that required doctors to remove his eyes. His mother gave him up for adoption, he was adopted by May Lemke who adopted him when he was six months old.

As a young child, Leslie had to be force-fed to teach him how to swallow. He could not stand until he was 12. At 15, Leslie finally learned how to walk (May had to strap his fragile body to hers to teach him, step by step, how to walk).

At 16 something amazing happened to Leslie Lemke. In the middle of the night, May woke up to find Leslie playing Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1. Leslie, had no training or lessons yet he played the music without fault after hearing it once on the T.V.

Since then he has gone on to play lot’s of different styles of music. He only needs to listen once and then he can recite the piece perfectly.

A clip is available here