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Surfers Healing Kids With Autism

Surfers Healing Autism is a cool non profit organisation out in the USA. Izzy was a pro surfer with everything going for him. But when his son was diagnosed with autism, his world came crashing in. What he did in response is more wonderful and inspiring than words can describe. Check out this lin...

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Holidays and Respite Carers

Holidays and Respite Carers, it's that time of year when we're looking at the holiday options that are available to us. again. We don't fancy going on a plane because the packed plane and busy airports make it very difficult for our son. We also tend to travel quite heavy which pretty much rules out...

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Families Affected by Autism

Families Affected by Autism or Faba has been set up to raise awareness of the difficulty in finding suitable holiday destinations when you have a disabled member of the family. We are looking to build a specialist centre that will provide a fun caring and supportive environment for those with disabi...

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